Blogmas Day 3: Five Book-Related Christmas Gifts

Do you have a bookworm, reader, book collector etc in the family or friendship circle and never know what to buy them for Christmas even though a book is probably a pretty good idea? Fear not. For in this Blogmas post I have five gift ideas that everyone will love!

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Cute bookmarks!

We love a good bookmark. Sometimes you might think we don’t when you find us using a scrap of paper, a shopping receipt, a train ticket etc as a marker, but there are some really nice ones out there that we love to collect and show off in a jar or other receptacle on our bookshelves.

I particularly like the beaded bookmarks from Waterstones that have tassels or the other patterned ones with ribbons. They’re very sturdy and don’t bend or get damaged like the normal thin ones too.

Book baskets

These have obviously become desirable items and gifts in the last couple of months as I’ve seen quite a few of these in Instagram photos and I won’t lie that I’m tempted by one too. They look like really good storage for monthly TBRs, overflow books that don’t fit onto shelves, or other book related things that we readers and bloggers/booktubers/bookstagrammers use on a regular basis. I think Etsy might be the best place to go if you’re thinking of one for yourself or someone else.

Book sleeves/jackets

Which are also amazing if their design is connected to a favourite series, character, fandom etc. I love book sleeves and they are imperative for those us who carry a book or two, or an e-reader, in a bag everywhere we go because we don’t want our precious books damaged. Mine is one that I crocheted and I love it so much that I need to make another one. Regardless of whether they are fabric, crocheted, knitted, etc, they are welcome gifts every reader will love.


This is certainly more blogger related gift but as a book blogger, there is nothing better than drafting and planning blog posts in a nice notebook with a nice matching pen. If we’re talking notebooks then I’m rather partial to those from Paperchase.

Rory’s Story Cubes

Have a reader who is also a budding writer but sometimes struggles with the dreaded Writer’s Block? Or know an English teacher who wants to inspire their students to write? Then the Story Cubes are a fun and vibrant gift proven to bring the storytellers out in everyone. They are a really simple and ingenious way to inspire creativity, with millions of different ideas in every roll. I received a pack either as a Christmas gift or a birthday gift from a close friend of mine a few years ago and they’re great fun. The good thing is that they can be used by one individual or many people so the opportunities for creativity are endless.

And there we have it. Five book or story related Christmas gifts.

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I hope this has given you some ideas for the bookworms and story lovers in your lives.

What book related gifts do you love?

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

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5 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 3: Five Book-Related Christmas Gifts

  1. These are great ideas! Sadly I don’t know anyone who’s very bookish and would be interested in those gifts, but I for one would love to receive one of these 😂. Book baskets are such a good idea, I’ve never heard of them before but am definitely interested now. Thank you!

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