Blogmas Day 8: My Christmas Music Picks For A Relaxed Reading Atmosphere

No matter how you like to celebrate Christmas, music plays a part. It creates the vibe, the aesthetic, and how you want Christmas to be for you. Sometimes it is high energy and fun, sometimes it is more mellow and thoughtful and music adds to that.

I know for me personally when I’m relaxing, reading and generally wanting a calmer atmosphere for those long, dark evenings, fast beat, peppy songs aren’t going to make the cut. I want calm, serene and gentle music. Songs or pieces of music, for me, that evoke memories and everything that Christmas is about.

So here is a little insight into my music choices, songs and musical arrangements that I would have in the background whilst curled up under a crochet blanket with a hot beverage and my current read.

The Christmas Song.

Particularly Nat King Cole’s rendition. I feel relaxed and warm as soon as it starts playing. I’ve always loved this song and it now reminds me of my grandfather as he used to like listening to Nat King Cole too.

Christmas Lullaby by Amy Grant

I have Amy Grant’s The Complete Christmas Collection album on repeat throughout December anyway. It’s probably my favourite seasonal album as it is has a nice blend of upbeat and calmer songs and it has a way of making me question what Christmas means to me. I think about that a lot at this time of year.

White Christmas by Bing Crosby

Not that white Christmases exist in my area of the UK. The snow tends to come in January and usually turns into ice or sludge. However, I’ll always have this song playing because I love the classic sound of Bing Crosby’s voice and it will always be timeless.

Piano renditions of carols and songs

I am actually going to contradict my previous choices with this piano rendition of Christmas carols because most of the time when I’m reading, I prefer listening to instrumental music. Of course at Christmas, there’s nothing more classical and aesthetically pleasing than carols, especially on a piano or guitar and it’s just nice. It’s also great that YouTube has loads of these instrumental/aesthetic videos uploaded so they’re super easy to find and enjoy.

And there we have it.

What Christmas music would you have playing in your cosy reading nook?

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

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