Blogmas 2020

Blogmas Day 15: Shelved Books With Christmas Colour Covers

Hello everyone and welcome back to Blogmas!

Today’s post is part challenge, part showing sharing the books on my shelves and particularly those with festive looking covers. Most of them, if not all, are picked based on their colour so red, white, gold, green, silver, white, icy blue… colours we associate with Christmas and Winter.

The challenge was to both find these books, and to do so within a timeframe of two minutes.

In those two minutes, I found six books. It was seven initially but I looked at the seventh book more closely and the green was more teal than green so I had to discount it.

So here they are:

As you can see I could find more red, although Everless has red, icy blue and silver on the cover which is fab. It’s also a book I saved from the growing unhaul pile in the corner of the spare room.

Now I Rise was the only dark green book I could find. Yeah, I don’t own many green books.

A Snowfall of Silver is one of the most perfect books for this time of year. If I need it, it’s going onto my reading pile. Even if I don’t, it might still end up on the reading pile.

And there we have it. Six books with festive colour covers!

Do you have any books on your shelves with festive colour covers?

As always, thank you very much for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

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