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Today I’m coming to you with a tag I found on Autumn of Pellinor all about re-reading. It spoke to me on many levels so I couldn’t resist joining in and sharing it with all of you.

1. Let’s assume you do re-read if you’re doing this tag. So where do you sit on the rereading scale from “almost never” to “all the time”?

I think I sit somewhere between the mid-way point and all the time. Sometimes it doesn’t always feel like I do re-read a lot when I look at my stats at the year end, but there are often at least three or four months where I have done nothing but re-read.

2. Has that changed over your reading life?

I think it has. Yes, I re-read a lot now but I think I definitely re-read more as a child and then a teenager. One reason being that my sister and I didn’t have the vast amount of books we do now, and once I finished the new books I’d simply cycle through my bookshelves again. Also I am more aware now about expanding my reading horizons, venturing out into new territories and I did not like doing that as a child.

3. When do you re-read? Maybe immediately after finishing a book or not till years later? Or when the mood strikes?

I am a total mood reader so it will always be when the mood strikes. It will also be a minimum of a year after finishing a book for the first time.

4. Why do you re-read books?

I always learn or discover something new every time I re-read a book. Sometimes it will be that I pick something up that my eyes initially glazed over the first time (that happens a lot) or I’m looking at a book from a different perspective. It’s also a comfort blanket. If there is a specific story or world I love, I will go back to that when I’m having a hard time with something because I know that it will give me some joy and peace, even for a little moment. Lastly, I have a really crap memory for remembering books so if I want to read the next book in a series (I rarely read a series all in one go) and I can’t find a detailed review or synopsis anywhere, re-reading helps to keep the story fresh in my mind so I’m not completely lost when I finally do read that sequel.

5. How do you re-read? Faster, slower, just the best bits?

Either faster or slower depending on the book.

6. Who or what do you re-read, more specifically? Which authors or genres or individual books?

There are quite a few individual books. As I said a lot in my Blogmas posts, I will habitually re-read A Christmas Carol every year. At other times of the year, I will do the same for Pride and Prejudice and A Discovery of Witches.

And actually you might not be surprised that I’ve reread one of these already!!!

7. Is there a book that you found better when you re-read it?

Oh there definitely is, especially if years have passed since I first read a book and this is why I will forever champion re-reading certain books. My most notable ones are Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier and Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë, classics I really struggled with as a teen but have now recently re-read in the last two years and adored.

8. And one that was worse?

I’ve never found a book that was “worse,” it’s more a case of it not being my preferred reading taste anymore and I can say for certainty that the Twilight Saga falls into that. I re-read Eclipse and Breaking Dawn after finishing Midnight Sun and whilst they were still easy and fun, I didn’t care for it anymore.

9. Which one book have you re-read the most times?

If I am keeping to a book rather than a series, it has to be a toss up between Pride and Prejudice, and Little Women. My original copies are incredibly tatty, although I think that is also down to the binding of the books as well as my constant re-reading – the Black Penguin Classic editions, which I have, are not the hardiest of books.

And that is that. I hoped you enjoyed looking into my re-reading life and now I tag all of you!

Do you re-read books?

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

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