Crochet: Blanket WIP Progress and Updates

When I started this blog, I said I was going back to basics and the book side of things but here I am completely contradicting myself. I’m talking about crochet again – one of the two yarn related hobbies I have and can’t live without.

The only thing is, I am not a “small project that I can finish quickly” type of crafter. I go for big projects, things I see grow with every stitch, and more often than not, that means blankets. I always have a couple on the go and I wanted to share with you some progress I’ve been making and what other blankets I might also have started this year.

D’Histoire Naturelle (Natural History) blanket designed by Christina Hadderingh

When I last talked about this blanket during Blogmas, I’d just done all the butterflies in part 2. Since then I’ve worked section 3 and am now ready to turn the circle into a square, a prospect easier said than done. I’m incredibly intimidated by these corners and the lace work that brings all the elements together as the written pattern for this section is mind-boggling. I consider myself pretty good at reading written patterns now and understanding the shorthand but I’m now a bit stuck. I got a lot of advice from the blanket FB group for working a different corner but I’ve realised it’s best to stick to the pattern and make those type of brave amendments in a second blanket. The only amendment I had the confidence to do was change two colours.

Information | Scheepjes CAL 2020 | Scheepjes CALs | CALs & MALs

When I’m not working out that pattern, I’ve started a ripple stitch blanket which I’m calling my Spring Meadow Blanket because of the colours I’m using – left over from last year’s blankets. I’ve a feeling I might have to order more though as I’ve made the width bigger than expected.

To get me going, I used this tutorial by Rebekah at Blossom Crochet, one of my favourite YouTube crochet channels for pattern and stitch tutorials.

I’ve also a Granny Stripe blanket in progress – colours inspired by embroidery on a stool made by my grandfather – which I haven’t worked on since last year. It’s one of those blankets I pull out when I’m not feeling well and want something simple to do. Maybe if I get too bogged down by everything I need to finish, I’ll just pull it out and work on it because I can’t see it taking too long when I get back into it.

And there they are. There is a knitted corner-to-corner baby blanket floating around somewhere but I can’t remember what cupboard I put it in.

If you’ve made it to the end of all this waffle, thank you. I honestly don’t know what is the best way of sharing all my crochet makes because I love talking about them, but I’m conscious not everyone likes reading ramble. I’m also not great in front of a camera so I can’t decide about videos. Let me know what you think.

If you’re a crafter, what projects do you have on the go?

Thanks again and have a brazzle dazzle day!

Published by Emma @ Turn Another Page

Hello, I’m Emma aka pageturner92, and welcome to my little corner of the online book world. When I don’t have my head in a book, I’m either working on an endless pile of crochet or knitting projects, playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, listening to Disney music, or watching my favourite shows on repeat.

2 thoughts on “Crochet: Blanket WIP Progress and Updates

  1. I like reading this post, but it reminds me of the rambling I do when I talk about my knitting projects so maybe I’m not the best judge. 😉 I currently have two blankets on the go (both knit) as well as a sweater I’m test knitting, and a few other projects. That blanket at the top is stunning! The squared corners do seem potentially confusing, but they’ll look really neat when it’s finished.

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    1. Yeah, it’s just hard to be succinct about crochet and knitting projects when there’s so much that goes into them. And thank you, I hope I can figure it out so I can continue working on it.

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