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If I have to be honest, summer is not one of my favourite seasons. I can’t tolerate heat very well and it is when my hayfever really kicks in. I never enjoy it and I’m always waiting for autumn to make an appearance. However, summer has its perks and all the books or book events that happen at this time of year are certainly a part of that.

I found this tag floating around on a couple of other blogs and I thought it was a good starter to a summer full of books!

What book makes you think of summer?

For me, that’s something Contemporary or Contemporary/Historical and automatically I’m thinking of The Island by Victoria Hislop. The Grecian setting, the story, the character interactions…it’s all very summery to me, even if the last time I read this was early January during Winter.

The Island: The million-copy Number One bestseller 'A moving and absorbing  holiday read': Victoria Hislop: Books

What book has brightened your day?

Hunted by Meagan Spooner. It’s one of my favourite Beauty and the Beast retellings, one of my favourite books and at the time of writing, it is the most recent book to help me get back into the swing of reading regularly again. It felt so good to feel the magic and escape that comes from a beloved read.

Hunted: Spooner, Meagan: 9780062422286: Books

Find a book with yellow on it.

The only book I have that has a decent amount of yellow on it is Before The Coffee Gets Cold: Tales From the Café by Toshikazu Kawaguchi.

Tales from the Cafe: Before the Coffee Gets Cold: Kawaguchi,  Toshikazu, Trousselot, Geoffrey: 9781529050868: Books

What is your favourite summer beach read?

I’m not a summer beach read kind of person but if I was relaxing on a beach with a book, I’d want something leisurely, fun, light-hearted etc. The first book or series that comes to mind is Chesapeake Shores book by Sherryl Woods.

What action book had you running for the ice cream van?

I’m not really into action books either but I know I certainly feel this whenever I read one of the Witchlands books by Susan Dennard.

Witchlands Fancasts That Capture the Characters Perfectly | Tor Teen Blog

(Sunburn) What book left you with a bad or painful ending?

I’ll go with a painful ending, one that is not too dissimilar to the pain of ONCE’s Regina pulling out my heart and crushing it into dust, and pick Hold Back The Tide by Melinda Salisbury. I loved this book but that ending… is a pain that will never go away.

(Sunset) What book gave you the happiest feelings when it ended?

There are a few but one that jumps out to me when scanning my bookshelves is The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern. All the imagery, especially the descriptions of cherry blossoms near the end was beautiful and gave me so many comforting, happy, fuzzy feelings.

What book cover reminds you of a sunset?

Just for the colours and everything, The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon. I’ve never read this and I never will because it’s not for me, but I’ve always loved this cover.

The Sun is also a Star: Nicola Yoon: Yoon, Nicola: Books

What is one book or series you hope to read this summer?

Honestly, I have no idea. With the way I’ve been recently I just want to see where my mood takes me.

There we have it. The Summer Book Tag. I don’t know who to tag so I’ll leave it open to anyone who reads this!

What are your Summer books?

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

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  1. I’m honestly the same about summer. I really dislike the heat! But Hunted looks really good, since I love Beauty and the Beast retellings! I think of reading beachy, travel reads for summer, preferably within air conditioning so I don’t have to endure the heat, lol.

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