Summer Book Haul

Hello! It has been a while since I last posted anything but I’ve been quite busy and have needed to give myself a break from looking at a computer screen 24/7. However, I am coming back today with a book haul because I have no restraint and I won a YALC Twitter Giveaway which was incredibly exciting!

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Book TAG: I’ll Get Around To It Later…


It has been a few months since I’ve done a TAG post so it is high time I did another one. I stumbled across this particular tag on @Maggie’sDoodles, and as I’m notoriously terrible at putting off books, I feel this is the perfect one for me.

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Clearing the Shelves: July 2022 Edition Part 1

Hello! Welcome back to another edition of “Clearing the Shelves,” my series dedicated to the books I unhaul so I can either tidy my bookshelves or make some room for newer books.

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The Mid Year Book Freakout Tag

It is the time of year when this tag is making the rounds, and as usual, I’m quickly drafting and slotting it around other posts in my schedule. I can’t say I will talk about an exhaustive list of books, but hopefully, there will be enough to fill nearly all the questions.

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Book TAG: The Book Snob


It is time for another book tag and this time it is The Book Snob TAG. I was tagged by @Sifa and actually, I feel as if I’ve done this one before. I can’t find it amongst my posts but the questions seem familiar to me. Anyway, I’ll happily do it and immortalise it on this blog!

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Genres I Gravitate to During Late Spring and Summer


We are now in the transition period between Spring and Summer, and if there is one thing that strikes me at this time in the reading year, it is the change in my reading mood. I want books that are relaxing, that can be read in one sitting, or that evoke the freshness and warmth of the season.

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On The Shelves: Books With Royalty


We in the UK are currently experiencing a four-day weekend, celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and I can’t think of a better list post than one which highlights books centred around royalty or has characters that are part of a monarchy.

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