My Pre-Orders for 2022


I feel as if I’m at that time in February when I’m getting giddy with excitement at the prospect of all the books being released this year. Yes, my shelves and purse are probably groaning, but I don’t care! No, that’s not true. I do care because I am trying to be careful of how many new books I bring home, but I’m in a phase right now where I’m trying to curate my shelves and reading taste to fit a more adult me and these pre-orders are helping.

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The Book Blogger Memory Challenge


It’s time for one of my favourite types of posts to write and generate, especially when I’m trying to get back into the swing of blogging again, and that is a tag! I stumbled across The Book Blogger Memory Challenge on One Book More and I instantly knew I had to do it. It seems fun and very different from the tags I’ve done lately.

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What I’ve Read Lately: A Surprise Adult Contemporary Wrap Up


It has been a good while since I’ve had any true desire and motivation to blog again but after spending the majority of the weekend tweaking layouts, headers and thinking about what drew me to blogging in the first place, I’m now starting to feel the slump disappearing. It will probably be a while until I have some major batch writing sessions but consider this the start of me trying to get a little bit more regular with the writing again.

As I’ve not posted anything since my 2022 Reading Resolutions TAG and there hasn’t been much of a monthly wrap up, I thought I’d come back with a roundup of what I’ve been reading and attempting to read since the beginning of the year!

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2022 Reading Hopes and Resolutions

Who is this person discussing reading resolutions? The one who claims that resolutions aren’t worth it because they’ll get broken further down the line. Maybe it is me and I’ve become a host for someone who wants me to get back into reading and talking about books more regularly than usual. Weirder things have happened!

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12 Days of Blogmas: Books I’ve DNFed This Year

Happy Christmas Eve everybody!

I’m going to start off being a little unfestive and go through the books I’ve actively DNFed this year. By this, I mean the books I’ve stopped reading partway through and will never, or am unlikely, to pick up again.

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12 Days of Blogmas: Series I Want Or Need To Re-Read in 2022


It is time for another kind of TBR post, this one focused around series I need or would like to re-read at some point.

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12 Days of Blogmas: Anticipated Releases For 2022


We finally get into some exciting territory for Blogmas and start thinking about all the books that will be coming out in 2022! It doesn’t help my growing TBR list but it makes me feel hopeful about the prospect of reading more regularly and consistently with the release of new books.

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