Blogmas Day 15: Shelved Books With Christmas Colour Covers

Hello everyone and welcome back to Blogmas! Today’s post is part challenge, part showing sharing the books on my shelves and particularly those with festive looking covers. Most of them, if not all, are picked based on their colour so red, white, gold, green, silver, white, icy blue… colours we associate with Christmas and Winter.

Blogmas Day 14: Baby It’s Cold Outside Book Tag

Hello! For today’s Blogmas post I wanted to bring to you a Wintery/Christmas inspired book tag I found a couple of weeks ago on Kristin Kraves Books. It was created by Erin @Reading On A Star and I am super pumped to get started so let’s turn on that Christmas playlist, huddle under a warmContinue reading “Blogmas Day 14: Baby It’s Cold Outside Book Tag”

Blogmas Day 13: My Book Journal Spreads

If you’ve come over from A Dreamer’s Library, you probably aware that I track a lot of my books and reading in a kind of book bullet journal. I did quite a few posts as my journal changed and I created updated spreads, and I want to carry that on over here. What I thoughtContinue reading “Blogmas Day 13: My Book Journal Spreads”

Blogmas Day 12: Disappointing Books of 2020

Today’s Blogmas post is one I always have a hard time writing up. I can often find the words to say how I feel about books that didn’t reach my expectations, but I don’t always like putting them to paper, or the keyboard as the case may be. I have four books that disappointed meContinue reading “Blogmas Day 12: Disappointing Books of 2020”

Blogmas Day 11 : My Thoughts and Processes About Unhauling Books

Hello. For today’s Blogmas post, I’m diverting away from the posts and style I’ve brought so far, focusing on some thoughts I have about the process of parting with books and my own reasons for doing it.

Blogmas Day 10: Christmas Items I Want To Crochet

Hello and welcome to Day 10 of Blogmas content! Today I want to look at decorations and trinkets that I’d love to crochet in the run up to Christmas. I love Christmas decorations, but I always think there is something particularly special about having handmade decorations around. They’re nice keepsakes and gifts for other people.

Blogmas Day 9: Anticipated Releases for 2021

Hello! If there is another great thing about this time of year for bibliophiles, it is that we start seeing reviews and other promotional activity for 2021 book releases. It is very exciting. However I will admit right now that compared to previous years, there aren’t many upcoming releases that grab my attention. So farContinue reading “Blogmas Day 9: Anticipated Releases for 2021”

Blogmas Day 8: My Christmas Music Picks For A Relaxed Reading Atmosphere

No matter how you like to celebrate Christmas, music plays a part. It creates the vibe, the aesthetic, and how you want Christmas to be for you. Sometimes it is high energy and fun, sometimes it is more mellow and thoughtful and music adds to that. I know for me personally when I’m relaxing, readingContinue reading “Blogmas Day 8: My Christmas Music Picks For A Relaxed Reading Atmosphere”

Blogmas Day 6: Pre-Christmas Book Haul

Hello and welcome to day 6 of Blogmas. For today’s post I want to share with you a small pre-Christmas Book Haul. I did not expect to buy any books for myself before Christmas but I had to run some errands yesterday and I can never go past my local independent bookshop, Forget-Me-Not Books, withoutContinue reading “Blogmas Day 6: Pre-Christmas Book Haul”