Blogmas Day 5: Five 2020 Releases To Read In 2021

The year gifts us with so many books, so many new and varied releases that sometimes it can be hard to stay on top of them all. I know I haven’t read all the 2020 releases I bought and wanted to read so I want to make an effort and hopefully read them in 2021.Continue reading “Blogmas Day 5: Five 2020 Releases To Read In 2021”

Blogmas Day 4: BBB – If I Never Knew You

Today’s Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Books song came to me with the help of my iTunes Disney playlist. Strictly speaking, I should go there all the time when writing and planning these posts as it is never-ending, just like my TBR pile. Anyway, today’s track is If I Never You from Pocahontas.

Blogmas Day 3: Five Book-Related Christmas Gifts

Do you have a bookworm, reader, book collector etc in the family or friendship circle and never know what to buy them for Christmas even though a book is probably a pretty good idea? Fear not. For in this Blogmas post I have five gift ideas that everyone will love!

Blogmas Day 1: Books To Read in December

Hello! It is the 1st of December and thus the first day of Blogmas 2020! I have never done Blogmas before and for some stupid reason I decided this year would be the first year to give it a go. It’s a challenge coming up with a post for 25 consecutive days but it’s oneContinue reading “Blogmas Day 1: Books To Read in December”