2022 Reading Hopes and Resolutions

Who is this person discussing reading resolutions? The one who claims that resolutions aren’t worth it because they’ll get broken further down the line. Maybe it is me and I’ve become a host for someone who wants me to get back into reading and talking about books more regularly than usual. Weirder things have happened!

A Return to the Audible vs Scribd Discussion: What Are My Opinions Now?

Back in April, I discussed and went through the pros and cons I personally felt in regards to Audible and Scribd as audiobook providers. I was getting frustrated with Audible over a couple of issues and at the end of all that I came to the conclusion that Scribd would be the better service forContinue reading “A Return to the Audible vs Scribd Discussion: What Are My Opinions Now?”

Do our childhood books live up to re-reading today?

For those of us who read and re-read books, there’s always a hope that we can re-read books from our childhood and revisit what made them special for us. The thing is, we are constantly changing as readers and the books we loved as children and teenagers, might not be ones we’d reach for asContinue reading “Do our childhood books live up to re-reading today?”

Clearing the Shelves: Last Chance Books

It sounds as if I’m on a bit of an unhauling books kick at the moment but when I’m going through my TBR and tidying my shelves, I can’t help looking at all the books and deciding which ones I don’t fancy reading anymore. There are a lot of books to read and not enoughContinue reading “Clearing the Shelves: Last Chance Books”

Blogmas Day 24: Books I DNFed This Year

We’re up to the last couple of days of Blogmas and it is time for the most important book stat posts of the year – the books I DNFed, and my favourite books. I always leave the very best until last so that means it is time for the DNFs. My reading was very upContinue reading “Blogmas Day 24: Books I DNFed This Year”

Blogmas Day 11 : My Thoughts and Processes About Unhauling Books

Hello. For today’s Blogmas post, I’m diverting away from the posts and style I’ve brought so far, focusing on some thoughts I have about the process of parting with books and my own reasons for doing it.